K&K at Qutub Shahi Tombs & Golconda Fort

I love historical places because of the sense mystery that it carries and the beautiful backdrop it provides for photographs! For the first time, in my eight year stay in Hyderabad, I got to visit the Qutub Shahi Tombs day before yesterday. We left home by 4:30 pm. Google maps estimated that it was just 30 mins away. So I was hoping we would reach before sunset. Who would have ever thought Google maps will decide to play games with us!

Our map took us everywhere around the tomb walls except for its entrance! Finally when we made it, we were told that it was closed! Just when I was about to sigh, the guard graciously granted us permission to take a quick look!

Sight_2015_09_17_182521_706 Sight_2015_09_17_182919_577 Sight_2015_09_17_182948_382


From the tombs we headed to Golconda Fort to watch the sound and light show! But Krissy didn’t enjoy the show and we had to walk out mid way! Therefore, I just managed a couple of pics!

Sight_2015_09_17_200117_973 Sight_2015_09_17_214208_610

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